How to earn Free Kongregate Kreds

Would you like to earn free Kongregate Kreds, to give to your favorite developer, or to help win some of the great items in-game, such as GemCraft, Spiral Knights, Kongai, and all of the other great free flash games over at Kongregate?



It’s a simple process, and it lets you earn free Ultimate Game Card codes that you can hookup and use it to help support developers and earn awesome in-game items! In order to earn your free Kongregate Kreds.

Step 1: Perform some offers

To get your Free Kreds for Kongregate, make sure to follow these instructions

In order to get your them, you need to perform some surveys, which are really quick and easy. Simply complete a few, and you will get access to them. How does one go about doing this? Here’s a few rules to make sure the offers complete: Use FireFox or Chrome, clear all cookies before you perform the survey, and then complete the survey to the very end! Depending on what offer you do, it will either come sooner or later.

Step 2: Enjoy!

You now received your Free Kreds on Kongregate, and can enjoy them. The free Kreds come from “Ultimate Game Cards”. To apply them to your account, hit the “Get Kreds” button, then click on the “Fund Account” button, and hit Ultimate Game Card. Enjoy your free items in Kongregate games.





What can Kreds do for me?

Kreds are used on the flash game website Kongregate, and are used to enhance your experience when playing many flash games. They can help you get extra power ups, extra weapons, boost you further through the story, and many more things. They were originally set up in order to donate to your favorite flash developers, but it slowly evolved into a way for you to get through flash games faster, or to get more of an enjoyment out of them.

What games use Kreds?

This is hard, because many games use them, and the number is growing every day! I will try to keep an updated list here.

  • War Metal Tyrant
  • Heroes of Gaia
  • Dream World
  • Call of Gods
  • Fantasy Online
  • TDP4: Team Battle
  • GemCraft Labyrinth
  • Swords and Potions
  • Backyard Monsters
  • Burrito Bison Revenge

Why should I have Kreds?

Have you ever had trouble beating a specific boss in Heroes of Gaia, or completing a tough level in GemCraft Labyrinth? How about you’re taking too long to get the money you need to complete a level of Burrito Bison Revenge? All of these things can be over if you can get some of the in game currency. The main purpose is to help you get farther in the game. This means you can do things more quickly, get over a tough level and do well in the scoreboard, and you get the coveted achievements that much more quickly. Overall they are a great reason to add superb value to the game.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Walkthrough

The Kongregate game, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, is a creative tower defense game, where you build the maze with your towers. The higher the level, the more restrictions you have on where to place towers.

Here’s the walkthrough, simply hit play and you will go through the tutorial (through all parts of it). Enjoy!

Kongregate Game Guide: Epic War 3

Epic War 3 is a Kongregate game that is strategy based tug of war. In order to do well, I recommend buying spells or units with the cash you earn after each level. All in all a great game, and fantastic to play, I highly recommend Epic War 3.

This is a playlist of the game from the Walkthrough I’ve made on YouTube. Just hit play and enjoy watching the walkthrough!

Kongregate Game: Gemcraft Labyrinth Walkthrough

Kongregate game, Gemcraft Labyrinth Walkthrough, made by “Game in a Bottle”, is a great tower defense game with multiple strategies and tactics. Gemcraft Labyrinth has multiple paths to victory and many bonuses and unlockables. A great game overall, and I enjoyed making a guide for it!

This is a playlist for the walkthrough I’ve made for it, just hit play and watch!